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Our Brand Inigma Air

We HIKO WASHI PVT LTD have joined hands with at INIGMA Air, By being a complete solution provider of compressed air equipment right from Oil injected screw compressors, to dryers, filters and downstream accessories.

As a specialist in compressed air solutions, we are focused on delivering energy-efficient solutions by incorporating the latest technology and engineering. Also, we are committed to delivering reliable, robust and uninterrupted workflow.

In short, HIKO WASHI PVT LTD in association with INIGMA AIR can be the answer to all your compressed air solution requirements that are cost effective, with surpassed expectations and ensuring satisfaction at all levels. We provide best air dryer, heavy duty Rotary screw Oil, Air filter, air oil separator, Air receiver, line filter.

About Hartmann Dryers

The aim of HARTMANN is to provide our customers with the necessary products to obtain high quality, clean and dry compressed air that is free from any elements that dilute the efficiency and reliability of the system.

HARTMANN FD dryers are specially designed for treating compressed air. By using the refrigerant characteristics of gasses, these dryers lower the temperature of the compressed air, causing water vapor to condense and discharge prior to it entering any distribution system.

Our Brand Hartmann Filters

Hartmann Filter Designs

Hiko Washi is the sole Distributor of Hartmann Filters in India. The company provides a broad range of Filters for all make compressors.

Hartmann spin on filters consist of a robust metal housing with integrated filter element. Depending on application, the spin-on filter can be equipped with different components such as filter medium, by-pass valve, etc.. The liquid to be filtered enters the concentrically arranged inlet port on the top, flows through the filter element and in a clean state passes out through central connection. A seal located in the bottom cover ensures reliable sealing to the outside under all operating conditions.

SMC Pneumatics Our Authorized Partner

SMC Pneumatics Pvt Ltd is a 100% Subsidiary of SMC Corporation Japan, the World Leader in Pneumatic Technology. SMC India has three state-of- art manufacturing facilities in India. Two facilities are at Noida near Delhi, (spreading over 12000 Sq. mt. and 29,000 Sq. mt.) and one in Chennai (46,000 Sq. mt.).

SMC is in the business of supplying Pneumatics, related equipments and parts and also providing services with respect to these equipments. Dryers & Chillers being one of their products.

Hiko Washi takes the pride in joining hands with SMC Pneumatics to provide service for their Dryers. Hiko Washi seeks this as an opportunity to walk with them and to grow with them. Our engineers are trained by both Hiko Washi & SMC on servicing their Dryers. In addition to this Hiko Washi engineers are also trained to service their Chillers.